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Hear from some of the people I have helped.

"I reached out to Hannah during a really low point in my life.

Recently we’d suffered our fourth unsuccessful IVF attempt, and at work in the emergency services, I wasn’t dealing very well with the environment and the people within it. I felt like I wasn’t myself and I was being dragged further away from who I wanted to be, mainly due to work, but compounded by my personal grief.

Having seen Hannah over the course of several months, together we have looked at how I deal with various situations in my life, and we’ve explored better ways for me to deal with them. We’ve looked at the root causes of some of my thought patterns are and how I work through each situation to make my mind clearer and happier.

Though no proof is possible, I genuinely believe that my improved state of mind put my body in the best possible place to then go on to have a successful round of IVF, and at work I am finding myself better equipped to deal with negative situations. As such, I am happier, my mind is clearer and I’m only interested in positivity.

I have a lot to thank Hannah for, and I will no doubt continue to work with her in the future”

Sarah H, Police Officer

“I was going through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster crisis in early February and my cousin, who had previously worked with Hannah, suggested I go and visit her.

Hannah has a very calm, friendly way and spent time talking to me, which made me feel at ease. I went to see Hannah for several sessions and I cannot tell you how different I feel now. It is all about changing how you think and feel, and to trust your gut instinct and what your heart is telling you rather than your head or ego. I found it very interesting and I cannot say how much better I feel.

I have struggled with self-worth and self-esteem all my life, feeling I am second best and not good enough - but now I don’t “think” I am nice, generous person, I “know” I am and have a lot to offer and my confidence shows. My friends and family have noticed how different I am in the way I hold myself and how positive and happy I am with life. It is about understanding you cannot control what anyone else does, and even if the worst does happen it’s the belief of knowing you will be okay.

My energy levels are fizzing and I feel confident and excited about the everyday and the future. I would have loved to have seen Hannah some more, but as she said, she is doing her job when people don’t need to come back and see her. All I would say is contact Hannah and chat to her and then give it a go.”

Joanne B

“I work as a staff nurse in a busy hospital and I was struggling with stress and anxiety.

This was starting to effect me both at work and home, causing problems with colleagues and family relationships. A friend recommended that I go to see Hannah and the effects have been brilliant. She has helped me see situations differently, and given me exercises to help me relax and manage my anxiety. I still have days that are difficult, but I know now that I can manage them better, so this in itself helps lower my stress levels and helps me feel calmer.

Hannah gives you time to be listened to, get things off your chest, and gives you ways in which to deal with life differently. I’m so pleased I took the time to go and get help.”

Rachel, Staff Nurse

“Hannah has really helped me identifying and understanding things that were really affecting me.

I’m in a better place but still seeing Hannah for continued support, she’s wonderful.”

Steve, Retired Police Officer

“My sessions with Hannah helped me deal with low mood, I felt as though life wasn't where it should be and I was at a standstill.

Hannah helped me to accept life as it is and not how we think it should be, as a result of this I now have inner happiness and look at life in a different way. I couldn't have got to this point without Hannah, she is a great listener and amazing at what she does, I would highly recommend her.”


"I really enjoyed my sessions with Hannah and I would definitely recommend her to other people and have done to a couple of my colleagues.

My IBS has continued to improve since our sessions. Myself, Katie and my husband walked up to the top of the Malvern Hills on New Year’s Day with very little effect on my joints and we were very pleased with our achievement. I also have a more positive feeling of wellbeing and I'm less worried about my youngest son. So thank you so much for those sessions. I wish you every success with your career."

Ann, District Nurse

"I've been suffering with migraines and headaches for years and have tried many conventional medical routes to no avail. I decided to see Hannah to try an alternative solution and her treatment has had a hugely positive impact on my life.

My changes to diet and perspective and approach have been transformed. I feel healthier and clearer in my lifestyle and my headache spikes have drastically reduced. I would like to thank Hannah for her gentle approach to subtle life changes that have made a real difference to me."

Jenny, Warwickshire

“I have suffered from depression for several years and tried a range of conventional and alternative therapies to help alleviate the symptoms. I went to see Hannah about a year ago and the effects have been amazing.

Following my course of treatment I feel like years of mental struggle have been lifted from me and life is much lighter and happier now. The treatment has given me the energy and determination to make significant changes to my life. I have changed jobs, lost weight and discovered new hobbies – all of which have had a positive impact on my mental health.

Hannah is a skilled therapist and puts you at complete ease during the sessions so that you feel relaxed and receive the full benefits of her sessions. I would highly recommend this wonderful treatment to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing. Thank you, Hannah, for giving me the tools I need to keep my life in balance.”

Natalie H

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